Shipping Cost Inquiries

How do I Determine Shipping Costs?

Use our shipping calculator to find out the cost and available delivery methods for any destination. Enter your parcel's weight and dimensions, specify the recipient's country, and choose from various delivery options with corresponding prices. Once selected, proceed with the "Order" button.

Are There Additional Fees?

No, our prices already include surcharges for fuel, VAT, parcel pickup, and delivery to the recipient. However, for parcels destined outside the European Union, customs duties may apply, payable by the recipient upon delivery. Familiarize yourself with the customs limits of the destination country to avoid any unexpected charges.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Rest assured, all transactions are securely processed through our payment system.

Unknown Weight and Size of Parcel?

Accurate weight and dimensions are essential for determining shipping costs. Incorrect information may lead to delays. For parcels heading outside the EU, we meticulously verify weights to prevent customs-related issues. Ensure your provided weight is correct to avoid delays or the return of the parcel.

Volumetric Weight Considerations

Certain delivery options on our platform take into account volumetric weight. The delivery cost depends on the greater of the actual or volumetric weight. Calculate volumetric weight by multiplying length, width, and height, then dividing by 5000. For example, a parcel measuring 40x40x40 cm with a weight of 10 kg has a volumetric weight of 12.8 kg, and the delivery fee will be based on 13 kg.

Pickup and Parcel Delivery

Parcel Pickup Schedule

Expect your parcel to be picked up on your chosen day by GLS or UPS couriers during business hours (9:00 to 17:00). If the courier misses you, contact us to reschedule for the next convenient day, incurring an additional 10 euro charge.

Parcel Tracking

Monitor your parcel's movement in real-time through our personal account at any time.

Delivery Time Estimates

Delivery times vary by country, approximately 7-14 working days for CIS countries and 5 working days for European countries. Unfortunately, precise delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Address Changes and Printer Requirement

Once collected, address changes are not possible. If not picked up, cancel the order and create a new one. A printer is needed to print labels and declarations; contact us if you require assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prohibited Items and VAT Invoices

Review the list of prohibited items on our website before packing. VAT invoices are downloadable from your account.

Parcel Insurance

You can insure your parcel against loss or damage during the order placement. Compensation requests can be made by the account owner.

Order Placement Process

Use our delivery calculator to select delivery options based on weight, dimensions, and destination. After payment, information is sent to the local courier for pickup on your chosen day. You'll receive a confirmation email with printable documents for attaching to the parcel before pickup.